How to manage bookings?

Hey everybody… I am building a website for a kayaking school and tour operator. For this, I need a simple booking or checkout tool that however should be able to do the following:

  • Simply pop up when the client clicks on a link (I don’t want it to be Webshop-like with a product page or anything), so it can simply be integrated in the trip- and course-pages.
  • Have the option to add non-standard fields (size, weight, T-shirt- and shoe-size etc.) that the client needs to fill out when booking.
  • Have a simple dropdown menu (or similar) where clients can pick the dates of trips and courses that are already set by us – the client should NOT have the option to pick any date he/she likes from a calendar as trips and courses are only available on certain dates! (This really seems to be the biggest problem I see)
  • Ideally, it would be cool if it could show the remaining available places to the client.
  • Have the option to only charge 15% deposit while the client sees the full price (that he will pay later before the trip, after receiving an invoice).
  • If all places are sold it should stop selling automatically, in order to avoid overbooking.

I don’t want an overloaded booking stack with time slots etc., because it is not needed. It’s all very simple: All usually one-week trips or one-day-courses.

Any ideas? I have seen Yuzool’s “Booking” stack and watched the video but not sure if it can be tweaked to do what I want it to… Any experiences?

Thanks a lot!

OK, I seem to have found something that seems to be able to do at least most of the things I want it to do. It’s FormSnap 3. I have spent a whole day building my client registration form and published it on a test-website to try it out. However, although I really tried to work my way through the settings as diligently as possible, it doesn’t seem to work. First the reCaptcha field wasn’t visible but still when trying to send the form, I was asked to fill it out. So I removed the reCaptcha for now and unchecked the option in the menu. But still I am not able to send it off. When I try, it says “time-out mistake”. I am sure the problem is somewhere in the email settings which I found very complex and difficult to understand, even in the tutorial.
Is there someone around who’s has experience with his stack and who would be willing to help? I don’t get anywhere further, it seems…

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