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Hi All,

I’m maintaining a website in RW ( During the COVID-19 the site has more than doubled it’s page count. Due to the lockdown all services are now online. In practical terms this means 3 new pages a week. The pages essentially house a player linked to the video on Publitio, but do include images and occasionally a link to a PDF.

Currently, I am duplicating the page, adding the new video link, updating name and meta and publishing. The three new posts a week will not end for at least a year, giving roughly 150 new pages per year. I’m using Foundry and am happy with it, but am wondering if there is a better way than a new page each time? Every time a page is added the whole site is republished (not quite, but you know what I mean). I’m wondering how RW will deal with publishing 150 pages. Pages that are already published do not necessarily need updating again, so at the end of 2020 all 2020 pages could be archived and left online without further editing, but how does that work with navigation?

I do have Poster and Poster 2 has just been released. I also have Foundation, plus a few other frameworks and GOCMS and Armadillo. Is there a better option? I don’t need a cms in terms of editing as it’s all done by me in RW. I’m pretty sure at some point a search facility will be required.

Any thoughts?


Yes, RW will certainly publish a site of 150 pages; and many more.

You can - as you know - ask it to (re)publish either a single page and/or anything that’s changed. You can mark specific page(s) as changed as well.

RW will properly and successfully identify any dependent resources (images, scripts, CSS etc) and publish them in these ways if/when they are needed.

Without knowing how you have architected the site from a UI/UX perspective, it’s hard to comment on whether, perhaps, a single page with added links each time your content changes might work just as well, and perhaps save you time.

Good luck!

I would either use Alloy or Poster 2 with this - any system which lets you quickly add new content, but not a new page in RW. Poster 2 will be my choice here as soon as the online editor is out. Then you can quickly add the entries…

Thanks Mark,

Each new page tends to be a video. We tend to send out a direct url to people, so they don’t need to navigate the site. It would be most useful to have each video have it’s own url. These new pages are on a separate navigation that orders them by month. The content is mainly date focused which is why the content is chronologically organised.

Thanks Jan,

I do have Alloy, not yet upgraded to Poster 2. Most of the posts are videos, not hosted on YouTube or Vimeo, but on Publitio which does supply player embeds and has an API. Just not sure how these would work in Poster 2. They do work in Alloy.

In this case, stay with Alloy :slight_smile: I really like Alloy for my projects and clients…

The only challenge there is that Alloy doesn’t really allow the videos to be styled. I believe Poster 2 now has some templating options.

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Give me some examples of the videos, and I will build a demo for you.


You might want to look into TCMS

We use it for our large organization for many different tasks and several of our department like to update their page daily so this allow them to add or make changes to pages online without needing RW or the RW project file.

Thanks Bill, but this would prove too costly as it’s per domain. Even for one project it locks to the domain after 12 months. I tend to avoid ‘per domain’ as I mainly manage charity sites.

Poster and Foundry seem to work better for me and with the new release of Poster 2, it looks like it may well cover my needs.

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Hi Simon,

Have you tried incorporating Armadillo? This will turn your website into a Vlog / and people can easily search through the pages and you can share each published page you generate. It takes some tinkering but it should work for you. If you need a separate page per day or per video you are producing, you will surely have a huge inventory of assets that will be difficult to manage as opposed to a BLOG format. Armadillo can be downloaded here: or you can try using some other CMS solutions which will allow you to let others edit the site as well. Good luck!

Thanks Jonee,

I do have Armadillo, but really don’t want to set up a mysql database to have to then backup and maintain. It seems Poster 2 works and that is currently the simplest option. It means everything can be maintained from within RW. Plus backups are easier.

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