After last update .. RW is lagging badly

After the recent RW update. Everything is lagging badly in RW like adding stacks or editing stack setting in the editor etc.

I am getting spinning beach ball after each edit or changes I make. it’s very annoying making an edit then wait 5 second for the spinning ball to stop then make next edit and again other 5 seconds then on so.

It happens in all projects even a small 1 page projects.

I already rebooted and restarted everything … here the spec of my iMac Desktop

How do I go back a version?

Thank you

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I dropped back to 8.6.1 as well. You can get it here.

Thanks @joeworkman

@TechBill Could you post (or send us) a video showing how RW/Stacks is lagging?

That’s definitely not a general problem. 8.6.2 running good here :+1:

I could do that …

I will need to upgrade it again to record it. I will do it as soon I have time to.


Here a screen recording of my RW

I noticed that the spinning beach ball is never recorded and it still stay as a mouse cursor but I assure you if you see the mouse cursor not moving then it’s doing a spinning beach ball.

The longer I leave RW open the more often beach ball spinning will occured so to see it really bad, I would have to leave RW open for at least a couple of hours working on it before it get real bad. I work 8 hours a day doing nothing but web development for several different departments in the organization.

The only stacks I use are F6 and TCMS.

You carefully check the video at around 1:30, you will notice I am trying to open up Header stack to get into the edit box and there is a pause opening.

This would happen to every stack that opens to be edit after a few hours of RWeaving so I would kill RW and restart it. It will help but I still get spinning beach ball here and there then an hour later the ball would occur more often.

Thanks for this @TechBill, could you send me over your project?


Sure … Let me PM where you can grab it from

Done … Check your PM

Thanks Bill!

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@TechBill we recreated your laggy issue in 8.6.1 also, so I’m not sure RW 8.6.2 is at fault here. I do notice you have partials inside partials, and this is not recommend by YourHead as far as I know. Perhaps @Isaiah can help us out, or has seen this issue before?

Did you perhaps make some changes that coincided with the update? perhaps your recent changes started causing the issue?

And finally, you can download even earlier versions of RW, do any of those help?


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This is a very new project.

Let me check the date on other file of same project and maybe you can tell me what version I was on when I started this project


I went back several version and the bad lags are still there.

I took out the partial from another partial and it still have the lag with only a single partial. I unpack every partial and the lag is still there but bearable.

I tried to think what changed on both my iMac and Macbook Pro then I remembered one thing that changed The OS update …

Catalina was recently updated so maybe that is the reason for the bad lag? I think it was around that time when the lag started maybe.

I can’t find anything else causing the lag and only way to have bearable lag is to have no partials in your project file.

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Hmm, I wonder… could it possible be a Stacks issue? Have you tried to use an earlier version of Stacks?

Let me know how you get on with that.

Can you point out where I can find the previous version stack?

Thank you.

I found previous version but it was confusing to me at first because the latest version show January 2019 so I think it was a typo and he meant it to be 2020 not 2019 :slight_smile:

I doubt it the Stack because this lagging happening around last 2 weeks now and only thing I can think of was there was a RW update and the Catalina OS update so it had to be either one.

Or there something in my RW project that I did causing the bad lag. I am taking my work home and going to start a new project and transfer it over from current project to new project one by one to see if I can narrow it down hopefully.

Nope. You can put partials inside of partials inside of partials as much as you like. I highly recommend it and do it all the time myself.

But I’m happy to take a look. Can you send me a copy of your RW project and addons folder.
@TechBill – I think you have my personal email, you can just send me the stuff there – but please do include all your addons stuff – just to make sure I can open the project and see the details.
Sending Your RapidWeaver Project

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I just copied the same project file from my iMac Desktop over to my Macbook Pro.

I don’t seem to have a lag on the Macbook Pro and so far no spinning beach ball.

Only difference I know between the two is the iMac Desktop have more rams, faster processor and Radeon Pro graphic card with dual monitor setup.

I will send it over …

I am not sure if I still have your email but I will PM you where you can download it from if I don’t have the email