Lost all my pictures

I lost my pictures from Rapidweaver pro !
For me it is a disaster, because it is a lot of work i have thousands of products.
What to do?


Perhaps you mean RapidCart Pro?

How did you add your images? Directly into RW? Did you have copy resources to project activated? Did you add them via remote links? (i.e. links to images already FTP-ed to hosting site?

Yes i use rapidcart pro

Yeah that was a bit of a shock, I uploaded the website that is already well put together in the base.
I looked in avanced how I had set the buttons.
It was on copy into the document.
I expect that I have to place the photos again or is what is on the server permanently aligned?
I won’t be able to look until tomorrow because something isn’t right on the server,
I’ll let you hear from me again.
Thank you for responding.

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