All WS stacks are now jQuery 3 compatible

I have been taking my sweet time doing this. Today I felt that I needed to finally get all of the fixes shipped. So if you check for updates, there should be a lot of them. Please make sure that you restart RapidWeaver after you get these updates installed.

As you are probably aware, Foundation 6.8 allows us to load the jQuery 3.6.0, which is the latest version of jQuery released in March 2021. It is pretty cool that we can finally start running the latest version of jQuery. Most Stacks based websites are stuck back at jQuery 2.2.4. Why is that?

jQuery 3 changed a lot of syntax and removed quite a bit code. This made the library smaller and more efficient since it replicated less of what could now be done natively in JavaScript itself. Because of these big changes, a lot of existing jQuery code needs to be updated in order to work with jQuery 3. This also means that there are 1000s of defunct open source projects out there that simply do not work in jQuery 3.

Now what most users are concerned with is that Google PageSpeed has labeled jQuery 2 and even older versions of jQuery 3 as a security risk. I have to say that this warning is about a minor as we can get. You should not waste any of your time worrying that your website will be compromised because its running jQuery 2. There is no reason to stop using a stack because it does not work in jQuery 3.

I am happy to say that as of today, all of my stacks should work with jQuery 3.

To add jQuery 3 inside Foundation 6, just add the jQuery 3 Require stack inside of the Site Styles Features.

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