Migration from Stacks 2 to Stacks 3

I want to upgrade to Stacks 3. My webpage is build with Stacks 2. Any things to be aware of before I upgrade?

Not really. Stacks 3 is backwardly compatible. If you are using Foundation, you’ll need to update the theme.

Thanks for the reply. What is foundation?

Foundation is a blank theme/stacks set that lets you design your site the way you want. It is built on the Foundation Framework by Zurb and is a great way to make the website with the look and feel you want.

Here is a list of sites that are on the Reallmac Gallery and are made with Foundation.

Check them out, they are some really great sites! Hope this helps!!


I do support for Joe Workman, so please check out his stacks and his GREAT Foundation Theme

One word of caution - I’m upgrading a large fixed width site to new responsive one (RW5 - 6). Unfortunately I upgraded to Stacks 3 (which is RW6 only) and am now unable to drag and drop my old stacks to the new site. If I had kept Stacks 2 I could have done this and then upgraded. Not a big deal for text but it is for images and other stacks - all of which have to be done from scratch. No fault attributed to Stacks 3 by the way - I should have thought about this before upgrading!

Aside from this all my old stacks work except ‘Responsive Table’ which no longer shows more than 1 row in mobile view. I’m waiting to hear back from the Cos Culture - may of course be unrelated to Stacks 3.

Hmmm, most of my stacks 2 stacks work in stacks 3 and upgrading them from the developers never broke what I had. I would contact Yourhead support and ask.

Careful if any of your stacks are a couple of years old, or are not the current version being developed by the developer. I’ve run into a problem using a version of JoeWorkman’s Mask stack (v.1.1.3 – current version is 2.x) that worked perfectly in Stacks 2 but will not even show up in preview or export in Stacks 3.

I didn’t use it for more than just rollover effects, so I’ll just find a different stack to accomplish what I need, but I wanted to throw out that caution amidst the “Stacks 3 will work with your Stacks 2 stacks” threads/posts.

I haven’t experienced a single problem upgrading to Stacks 3.


I also have a website where I’m using Stacks 2 and I’ve upgraded to Stacks 3. How do I update the website so I only use Stacks 3.

I don’t use Foundation.

  • install Stacks 3
  • Once done make sure all your stacks are updated
  • Restart RW if you want to
  • Have a systematic look through your website to make sure everything is as it should be

For most installs everything will work smoothly but if you have older stacks that don’t get updated you may see some glitches