Foundation with EOL jQuery 2.2.4

Google warns me in his tool about some EOL and jQuery 2.2.4 in Joe Workmans’ Foundation. Indeed jQuery is on version 3.3.1 so I am wondering myself if i have missed an update? Is Foundation not supported anymore?

I am using RW Version 7.5.6 (18820) and Foundation 1.8.5

I noticed this week that Google started warning about this. The current version of Foundation will not work with jQuery 3 as is the same with a lot of add-ons. jQuery 3 made a lot of breaking changes.

With that said, Foundation 2 (~Q2 2019) should ship and work with the latest version of jQuery. I hope to keep jQuery 2 support though in case someone is using an older stack that will not work in jQuery 3. To be honest, I have been using raw JS as much as I can so that I don’t need to rely on jQuery at all.

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