Problem following Stack 3 Update

I am currently using Rapidweaver Version 6.4 (15176). I have just updated Stacks 3 to Version 3.2.7b1. My site is built using the Foundation theme and since updating, both the theme and several stacks seem to have stopped working. When I publish the site (whether that be the current build or a backup of a week ago) for example, the Topbar no longer appears, icons are missing from various social stacks and any font formatting applied through the Foundation theme have disappeared. Everything was working fine this morning before updating.

Has anyone else experienced this? Is there a way to remove the latest Stacks update?

Note that I do not have an option to move to Rapidweaver 7 at this stage.

Thanks for any assistance!

We suggest you get the latest release version here
which is 3.2.6. Then open RapidWeaver, hold down command-option and push 7, this opens the addon folders. Find Stacks.rapidweaverplugin and delete it. Then put the one you downloaded into this same folder and restart RapidWeaver.

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Thank you, that has saved my bacon! All seems to be back to normal.


if you’re still interested in beta things – i just posted beta 2 – which hopefully corrects for this jQuery issue. feedback appreciated, thanks.

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Thanks for letting me know. When I updated the plugin I hadn’t realised that it was a beta. Normally I am happy to try things out, but unfortunately at the moment I have some rather important work I need to complete for my website so can’t afford to risk it at the moment.


i always recommend sticking to the release version for doing real work.

just FYI: if you’re using a beta version currently, then you’ll keep auto-updating to beta versions. if you’re using a release version you will update just to the release versions.


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