Project Theme is Missing 2018 - High Sierra connected?


I have Rapidweaver 7 (version 7.5.5) and use the Tesla Pro theme from Elixir Graphics (my website is

I upgraded to High Sierra recently and when I opened Rapidweaver I got the error Project Theme is missing, . A realise this is similar to previous topics. I contacted Elixir Graphics who suggested I download the theme again. I did so to no avail. Also, when I create a new project, the Tesla Pro theme is available.

Any help would be gratefully appreciated.



Hi Shane,
Did you do anything special to the project like storing it on iCloud or Dropbox?

Hi Jannis, Not that I know of. The only changes that i have made recently are upgrading to High Sierra and turning on Firevault. Thanks Shane

Hi Shane!

Are you able to select “Apply theme & open”?

If so, select that option and go to themes. Select Tesla Pro, then save the file as a new name to a new directory.

Does the issue persist?

HI Aaron.

Thanks for this suggestion. When I press “Apply theme & open” nothing happens (the dialog box closes but the project does not open).


When I applied the latest update to MacOS High Sierra Rapidweaver also would not open my project files. I restarted my Mac again and that cleared it up. Give that a try.

Hi Steve, Thanks for the suggestion. I usually restart but did not think of it in this case. No luck I am afraid. The strange thing is that the theme is available when I create a new project so Rapidweaver can see it but not for my project!

At this point should I contact Realmac?


Hi All,

Still have no solution if anyone has any further thoughts would be very much appreciated. Thanks Shane

Hi Folks, I reached out to Realmac and they sent me this link.

That did not work so I went to a back up in Time Machine from 3 months ago. When I restored an old version of the project, it worked. Thanks for all the thoughts. Shane

I have a similar problem. I am attempting to upgrade my projects from RW5 to RW7 as I believe it is becoming less compatible with my version of Mac OS (10.13.4). I believe I have updated my plug-ins and themes. I have downloaded the latest version of the themes and added them to RW7. However when I try to open my projects in RW7 it tells me that the theme is missing and that it offers to open them in a different theme. I have even redownloaded and reinstalled one of the themes but am still being told that the project theme is missing. I do not want to open them in another theme as I guess that would corrupt their appearance. Any help would be much appreciated. Thanks!

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