Alternative to rapid maps for usa

Any alternative to Rapid Maps 4 to get a google map for website, may have to access my hosting company and use text editor to enter the API into code line because for some reason the API that is place in Rapid Maps will not appear in the script. Google maps are nice, I have look at other plugin but cumbersome or work for customer not based in USA. Any suggestions?

Does it have to be Google Maps and does it have to be a plugin?

If you have Stacks then this could work.

That’s not making any sense at all. I’m not a fan of google anything, but if you enter the key into RapidWeaver and republish it should be there. It may not work but the code should get published. @rob?

RapidMaps to my knowledge is the only non-stacks mapping option out.

@instacks has OpenStreetMap, doesn’t use google, works great but does require stacks.

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Hardly checkable without a link to a published page.

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