Update to 8.1.7

(Carol Maxwell) #1

I just updated to 8.1.7 Where are my existing web pages? How do I open them? I clicked on “File” “open” and that takes me to a Finder window. Navigated to My websites and I see all the individual files for the sites but I do not recognize what opens the site(s) so I can edit them.
I bought Rapid Weaver so I can just click and type…
Will appreciate help on this.

(Carol Maxwell) #2

Nevermind. Opened RW 6.5, saw the file name, found it, opened it, edited, published. All good now.

For those of us who have no clue what a “stack” or that other stuff is, and don’t want to know…it would be nice to have a feature to open or somehow access our previous work.

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