Ambience Theme! Is this a scam?

I just bought Ambience theme & am trying to upload my own photos for the banner image slideshow. Can’t get it done… Ambience says to use “SymNivo” plug in but this plug in is apparently no longer available. Please help! Any other ways to add in my own images to the banner slideshow?

Don’t know that one, who makes it?

Brandon Lee was the designer

Is it a scam? I would say no, The theme is very old though. It is not even listed on his RapidWeaver Community page:

I am sure as a new person to RapidWeaver it can be hard to see what you want to use. Hopefully next time you will pick a better theme.

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If indeed the Ambience product page states that you should use “SymNivo” (which, BTW, is outdated for quite a while now), I would ask Brandon for a refund and suggest to him taking down the Ambience product page.

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The product page just says you can create a slideshow using SymNivo or WeaverPix + PlusKit – and it mentions LogHound, showing how out-of-date the page is. It’s no scam, just an old theme with out-of-date documentation. It’s not responsive, which is a bit of a no-no these days.

If it,s no longer supported, you could always contact the developer for a refund.

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Why @BLTDesign is still selling themes that are not mobile friendly or responsive is beyond me.

This is why I stick to 3-4 developers that I regularly buy from. I know what I’m getting and I know the support will be there if needed.

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Definitely contact @BLTDesign, this should get you to the support form.

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