Brandon Lee still in business?

Three support questions to the same theme during several weeks, but no response.
Nothing in the spam folder. Why that?

Well, you can add me to this list; it’s been nearly a week and nothing. I was about to buy two templates but had a question (nothing that would have changed my decision to buy them) but seeing how this has turned out and now realising I’m not the only one, thank god I didn’t make the purchase; I’ll simply opt for Michael David’s version instead.

The shocking thing is that Rapid Weaver has BLT listed in the community cuz it seems they (BLT) just wants to sell themes and have nothing to do with the customers beyond that. BLT uses the word "support’ a lot on their site but it’s complete rubbish. (And for the record, in contrast, every single time I’ve sent an email to Michael David, I’ve received a response in less than 24 hours…every time.)

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