AMP pages how to use it in RW?

I read some in google about AMP pages.
Who knows to work with in RW?
Coding is not my knowledge.
Maybe there is a simple way in combination with RW?
Or a prepage or stack to work with?



In essence, creating pages for AMP or FIA would be similar to designing an email newsletter - no Javascript, lots of inline CSS. Possibly you could repurpose RapidWeaver to accomplish it, but you would need to sacrifice using page types like Stacks (because all the code needs to be self-contained in the same page and less-than 50 KB) and you would certainly need a specialist theme to build with. In all honesty, you would probably find it easier to build an accelerated site outside of RapidWeaver.

Before you think AMP is the next best thing everyone has to have, have a careful read of this article from several days ago:

It illustrates some of the potential issues with AMP.

There are also perhaps some wider ethical implications of allowing one company, in effect, build their own internet. Some view it as Google’s own attempt at disassembling net neutrality. Facebook are embarking on their own project to do something similar (FIA).


Thanks for the great explanation and related article, @willwood. It’s much appreciated!

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