AMPHTML new google project (mobile = faster). Will RW take care of this new coding?

Hi Dan & Ben: Love the podcast and all your “england-isms”. Keep it up!

Google is developing some new addition to html called amphtml which is supposed to make rendering of ads (cough, cough, cough), viideos and other content faster. I’m afraid they will just require this change like they did with mobile “responsive” websites.

Is this something RW will deal with behind the scenes, or will I have to mess around with it myself? (Oh PLEASE don’t do that to me)!

Here’s a link to what is being done in the USA.

I sure appreciate how I dont have to mess with html and other awful language architectures. You guys (and gals) are the best


Google is at it again! Really enjoying the new technologies being introduced for the web. Have you heard of GSS (grid style sheets)?

After skimming through the Github for this, I believe a RW theme and stacks/plugins combination could use this new standard for creating websites. Something similar to Foundation/BootSnap, but of course, much simpler/smaller.

Thanks. I really appreciate how RW keeps things so simple for those of us who don’t want to learn html, etc. Great, reliable and easy-to-use software. :slight_smile:

The more I think about it the more I’m convinced that this shows what a big mistake it is to allow one company to create a near-monopoly. Google doesn’t always know what is best for everyone else. If it were the US government dictating how we design websites (let alone the North Korean government), everyone would be up in arms rather than saying. ‘Gosh we must do what Google says.’ PS There is a good discussion on the Google+ RW group.


I concur with Peter

How long were we developing for mobile sites, then advised to go mobile first (html5/css) and now this crap… I’d rather take the hit on google search than make another (few) sites based off the original to be cached on their servers… YUCK!!! Talk about monopoly!

Standards are good, changing standard as long as they remain generic is good, google only standards… bad!


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Amen to that! My hosting service is running hard to keep up with all of this mess.