AMP & Rapidweaver

On the 28th (tomorrow!) Google will apparently be prioritising AMP (Accelerated Mobile Pages) in SERPS.

We also publish in Wordpress and in Joomla and have prepared for this with the relevant plugins.

Has anyone in the RW development world addressed this via a stack/plugin? We all know that RW can deliver nice mobile sites but they do need also to jump through the AMP hoops to be flagged.

IIRC, Google clarified that AMP will not receive special prioritisation (it’ll just be one of the numerous signals that Google uses to rate a site).

AMPHTML new google project (mobile = faster). Will RW take care of this new coding? might also be of interest.


UP! It would be nice to append an automatically generated AMP version of the website just like WP and even tho amp might not have special priority overall speed and optimisation do matter when climbing the google ladder so UP!

I just read today that a study was done and 78% of google page 1 results are AMP pages. Does anyone know if Realmac is working on an AMP format as an extension to the responsive format?

AMP-sites currently need to be created by either a cms supporting it (joomla, wordpress, contao, typo3, etc…) or by hand. Furthermore, to achieve this rather the theme/stack devs are in charge than realmac – just because amp got some restriction compared to ‘traditional’ html. also, some features won’t work at all.
Means -> all current themes and rw-cms systems are incompatible with amp, i guess most plugins and stacks too…
What you actually could be used for amp (if there were themes supporting it) -> the styled text plugin.

So those of you dreaming to use AMP as mobile version of your website -> stop dreaming. AMP is not intended to wok that way, its rather made for (and by) news agencies, publishers etc.
Its made to make access to news easier and more distraction-free.

And regarding that ‘AMP is always on top’-stuff. Well, most times news are on top, most people nowadays access the web with a mobile device -> if an AMP-page is available, google will prefer them over the default mobile view (of the same site) cause it grants a better ux. But you will notice, those ones serving news without supporting amp are also in the tops of the search results.

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AMP is not supported by RapidWeaver.
AMP requires AMP HTML, AMP JS, and on Google requires Google Cache.
Things like amp-img for images that have height and width on each image.
Limited JS to only the AMP JS library.
Twitter apps will also display AMP pages if available.
More info on AMP can be found here:

Yes, a lot of news agencies have jumped in, and a lot of the large-cap companies are using are planning on having AMP pages for their sites. Wordpress has a couple of plugins to produce AMP pages from existing sites.

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AMP is indeed used and prioritized a lot. And NO, AMP pages are not just news. Many, many, many times the results I am looking for using typical information queries are indeed blogs and regular websites. It is important!

However, AMP does have issues. Pages are cached by Google with Google URLs. I don’t like that at all. Also if you click a link, often it goes to a page that is non-AMP formatted.

AMP has other issues. If you get a lot of website traffic from SERPs, Google in particular, it may may be worth it to you to switch website building platforms (Wordpress, Joomla, etc.) or to hand coding. If you don’t already get search traffic from competitive words, there is likely a lot better ways to focus your energies than worrying about AMP today.

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