An internal counting tool for site traffic that works in HTLM

Hello to all, having been well received at your place the first, I put a new Topic :
an internal counting tool for the site’s traffic and that works in HTLM. In fact the plugins I find work in php. I do not master the difference between a page in Php and one in Htlm. Thanks to you.

Laurent from Brittany

In RapidWeaver terms there’s not a visible difference between html and php page types, just change the extension type in the Page Inspector.

Do beware though, if you change a page type from html to php Rapid Weaver will not delete the html version, it will stay on your server. You will have to manually delete the page. Other wise web browsers will load the html version of the page first, and ignore the new php version of the page.

Good evening Paul, if I do such an action I clean the htlm server before exporting. I always do this to have a clean project. Thank you for your help, I will switch to php. Laurent

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