Anchors and links on the same page

I am able to add inline links with no problem and to add links to other pages. Links on the same page, not so much!.

The site is

I am trying to add links to the icons on the top of the page, so that they navigate to the anchors set in each section on the same page.

I have inserted the #rosters link into the link URL of the button as #rosters. I also tried, also, also

What I can’t seem to work out is how to add the anchor to the roster section. I added an html stack in the rosters section with the code: “a name=“rosters””/a" - does not do anything. (can’t display the anchor code with the a name as it is typed) Is an HTML stack the way to do it?

Anchor posts seem always to be about linking to another page. I feel this should be dead-simple, but I’m stuck.

Cheers - have a great day!

(I also note that the RW Link icon always appears dim - not sure why it is so, so I can’t seem to use it to set links.)

Ok all sorted. I downloaded the Links & Anchor stack from Joe Workman and it does exactly what I want.

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Glad you got it sorted…

As for image, you would assign a link to the image (in edit mode) of url: #myanchor, this will look for a anchor somewhere on the page named myanchor.

When you want to place the anchor, you want to use:
<a name="myanchor"></a>
where the link will go to when clicked from above.

Make sense?

Thanks very much for the reply Brad.

I’m still confused as to where to put the anchor though - no issues with the link.

So the anchor area I want to go to is a Foundation 2 column stack that has an image, a header, and a paragraph. Where would I put the Do I add an html stack inside somewhere?

Cheers - and thanks again


If you’re using JW’s Link & Anchor stacks, you just put an anchor stack immediately above the 2 column stack. That way it will work on mobile properly also.


I’ve got that working.

For my own edification - where would I put the anchor with the stack setup above?

They are 2 different stacks

Link Creates the link to anchor item: <a href="#anchorlink"></a>
Anchor creates the Anchor item: <a name="anchorlink"></a>

Not sure of your question, you have a 2 column stack, put the anchor stack immediately above the 2 column stack as I said prior (immediately above the content you want linked to).

Your website is working as advertised… what is the issue you perceive?


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All good Brad - I was just trying to figure where I would place the anchor if I wasn’t using the JW Link stack.

But that’s what I’m using RW for - so I don’t have to worry about putting code in!



Well, you could use an HTML stack for sure for the anchor html code in the same place, immediately above the 2 column stack, but the link can be done right through the image stack (if a plain image stack)…


Well that’s what I thought - and I did try it with an HTML stack - but must have had my syntax wrong.

Anyway - thanks

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