Effects of Animagic and Other Text Animation on SEO

Hello- Just implemented a site using Elixir’s Animagic. Great stack.


As soon as I did so, I did a fetch and render as google. It looks like anything that is animated, google is unable to render.

Any thoughts on how text animations effects SEO?


I would not worry about animation and graphics per say but I would make sure alternate text tags are in place. Google can’t index graphics but the alternate text it can.

What about the impact of reduced speed. I’ve noticed a pretty big speed difference after implementing the stack.


Google cares about page speed and mobile responsiveness. Those are big now. As mentioned, you should make sure you have the alt text supplied if these are images. If they’re just text, then Google will see it.

Be sure not to confuse page speed with browser rendering. Your page can load fast but the JavaScript or animations can take time for the browser to render. The preview tool you’re using probably doesn’t support the latest CSS animations. For a search engine, these are probably less important than understanding the content of the image/text/page and how it relates to everything else.

Long story short, I’m not sure if worry about it if you’ve done your diligence in the other areas.


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Hey Greg- Many thanks. BTW- I LOVE SEO-RX! Well done.

Ok, I used PageSpeed Insights (google developer) on the site with the animations and without. Ends up the site with the animations is faster.

I have to give Ryan at Websmith credit. I had him re-do my site and he did a great job. It looks great and now I know it loads faster.

So, since its faster, google reads the content, and I know all the alt-text is there, the site should be fine.



This is a curious one because I have come up against this myself and it led me to disable the animations for a while. I am using Animate from Foundation that appears to be identical to Animagic with all the same options.

A few days ago I changed another site from an RW theme to Foundation and ran the same test in Webmaster tools but to my surprise found that it captured the entire page without problems.

In terms of SEO animations didn’t seem to affect my rankings one way or another but I am selling via the site and the animations lead to improved sales on average, so from that perspective alone it seems like the animations are worth keeping.

The one thing I have found that doesn’t render now when Google renders the page are Vimeo videos and they are also slowing down page opening so I need to find another solution for that.

You’re welcome and I’m glad you’re enjoying SEO-Rx :slight_smile:


I’d love to see the new site. What is it?