Animation stack for time delayed scaling of image

I’d like to scale an overflowed header image to about 75% a few seconds after loaded onto a page. I’m using a pin stack to place it over a topbar and overflow it currently, but I’d also like to scale it after a time delay.

Anybody have any recommendations?

To my ears that sounds like quite a sophisticated Foundation-specific query, in which case you might be better off asking the question over in Weaver’s Space where such things are talked about all the time. There’s a Foundation-specific forum there.


Put it in a SectionsPro and add an Animate child to it. This will allow you to animate any element within the section - background images, foreground content etc etc.

Hey, thanks Rob and Andrew. I’ve been away from RW since just before 7 release, and it makes for an amusing surreal experience - I’ve been looking at weaver space trying to figure out why it exists, haha. I need the dummies guide to remembering what the heck I’m doing + translating it to RW7, ha.

Yes, Animate in Section Pro would give me what I need - seems a little heavy. But I will try throwing section pro into my topbar.


Not at all, SectionsPro is designed to be extremely lightweight on the page - just because there are a lot of options does not mean it generates a lot of code, quite the opposite. The animations are all just a few lines of CSS and so smooth on all devices.