Help with this hover over and column site

Hi - Im predicting a short wimbledon final today - hopefully - so thought id work on a new site for my band and came across this one on my travels.

Its a great site but Im only looking at the top section that loads - not the moving columns - just the 7 columns with the one image over the top of them all and then the option to hover over different columns to expose the images of the band members.

Does anyone have an suggestion on how this could be achieved in rapid weaver?

Thanks for your help. Iโ€™m never really sure what i can ask on the forums - Iโ€™m not a commercial RW user - I just have a band that wants a decent website but I donโ€™t use rapid weaver enough to know all the stacks that I have as theres never enough time in the day sadly

Have a look at this one:

it should do the job

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Thanks Koles for the info - Im not sure if its STACKS 3 compatible - the website says 2.5
Do you have any ideas how to split the screen in the columns and have the overlaying picture across all of them?

That is the minimum version of stacks needed, it works great in Stacks 3