Anniversary sale and free theme @ Rapid Ideas

It is now 11 years since I started the development for RapidWeaver. In early august 2005 I released my first theme Camilo after many forum members pushed me to make it available to the public. It was one of the first - if not the first - theme that broke the standard RW design. Other themes shared the layout of top header, navigation bar, content. Camilo introduced a multi-column design that was brand new. And it included an auto image scale depending on the content width at a time where almost nobody talked about responsive design.
The web evolved and so did RW themes. Camilo is discontinued for many years now but to celebrate 11 years of Rapid Ideas, I decided to give it out for free for the next couple of days. Don’t expect it to be the ultimate theme. Even it includes a mobile mode, it is not fully responsive the way other modern themes are. But it is an important theme, not only for us but also for RapidWeaver’s history. And it still works even in the latest RW version.

You can download the theme directly with this link:

Here is the latest preview of the theme (published in early 2010):

Have fun with it.

We also have a special sale during the next days. Just enter the following coupon code to the checkout form on our main site to get 30% off all our products:


I wish RapidWeaver and the RMS all the best and looking forward to the 25th anniversary of RapidWeaver.