Anomaly of the displayed icons

Good morning.

I found an error when I uploaded my website.

When I open the preview of Rapidweaver, I can see all the icons on my buttons to download some files, after that I upload all my website using All the website is uploaded in the right way, but on internet there aren’t.

How I can solve this problem?

Below there are some screenshot about this problem.

(The preview on Rapidweaver)

You used filezilla (i think this is an FTP app) what did you upload?
Did you export the site first to a local folder?

You need to use the RW publish function, or export you site to a local folder on your Mac and then FTP the files in the folder.

I exported all the website to a local folder. Then I uploaded all the website using FileZilla application.
The website is completed but I can’t see the icons to download the files.
See the attachment

On the left there are the local folders, on the right the website folders.

What can I do to solve this problem?

I uploaded the English website and the Italian website, the italian one is perfect.

I can’t understand