Publishing issues, application callback error

Using RW 8.6.2, OS X 10.14.6.

I have two websites which I upload to two separate accounts on the same host (Network Solutions). Whenever I try to publish them directly from RW (for either site), it goes through the upload process until it gets to the last few files (of several hundred), and then I get an error like this: Operation was aborted by an application callback. URL:

Attached is a screen shot.

I can export the site to a local folder and then upload that to my host using FileZilla2, and this works fine, but it would be nice to publish from RW. When I test the connection in RW, it says that it is OK.

Any ideas?

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I went through Network Solutions tech support, and predictably they said that they had no idea what that meant and that I would have to check with Rapidweaver…

You might have a look at this article:

If you go through all the steps outlined in the article you probably will get it resolved.

Near the end it will explain how to get more information (log).

It’s also helpful if you can give a screenshot of the publishing settings from RapidWeaver and FileZilla.

Thanks, will take a look…!

OK, tried the suggestion in the article, still giving me the same error. Tried it in active, passive and extended passive. Tried checking the resources (none missing), tried redoing the path, etc…

Here is a screen shot of my settings:

What happens when you hit the Test button at the bottom?

And the screenshot of FileZilla Site Manager Settings?

Test button says it is working…

Here are the FileZilla panels. Thanks for your help!

If the test button works, then the credentials (User name, password, and server name) are probably okay,
Not sure why on the FileZilla you are using “Ask for Password”?

The next most common error is in the path. From the screenshot it looks as it the path is set to /. On FileZilla you don’t have a Default remote Directory set. Have you tried clearing the path out in RW and hit the Browse button?

Now originally you said you are able to publish until you get to the “last few files”, is that still true?

If you followed the article above, wre you able to get the log files?

Yes, tried clearing and resetting the path using Browse.

Yes, it seems like it runs for a while and then I get a few lines with that error at the end (see screen shot).

I have the log file. Should I send it to you directly or just post it here? Is posting it a security risk?

At this point your probably better off sending them to RealMac support.
@Aaron can probably have a look at them.

Hah! I thought that you were RealMac support. :slight_smile:

By mentioning him, will he show up here?

I really appreciate your help, BTW.

try cutting down your simultaneous connections from 5 to (say) 2 or 3

Sorry to hear you’re having issues with publishing, I know it can be really frustrating.

Please email over your publishing logs so I can take a closer look at this.

  1. Go to RapidWeaver > Preferences > Publishing and make sure “Upload Logging” is enabled

  2. Now, try publishing / recreating the issue again

  3. Finally, go to Help > Copy Support Logs and paste this into a document, and send it over to

OK, done… thanks!

Did you get a chance to look at this?

Hey Mike, did you send over the publishing logs? I can’t find anything in our Helpdesk (there are a few mikes I’m working with, so forgive me if I’m not connecting the cases). Can you PM me your logs here and I’ll take a look right away? Hope to get this resolved for you ASAP!

Hey Mike,

I was able to find/take a look at your logs. No obvious errors (which is weird), but here are some things to try.

  • Restart your Mac
  • Do a repair of your permissions/disk by going to Disk Utility -> Select your hard drive -> Select “First Aid”
  • Is your project file stored on your hard drive/or an external hard drive/cloud platform (Dropbox, Google Drive, etc)?
  • Do you have backups enabled for publishing? If so, try toggling that option off.

The error we’re seeing relates to permissions (can’t save) which is odd.

Restarted, repaired permissions.

File is stored on my local laptop hard drive.

Backups enabled…

Same error. Will send support logs from today

Logs sent to

I’ve had the same problem for weeks.