Rapidweaver 8 export issue

So after I finished my site in rapidweaver 8, I exported the files and created a folder on my desktop. I emailed the folder to another person so he can open the pages and review them. He cannot see nav bar and some other random things were missing. Anybody knows if rapidweaver purposely make incomplete folder?

It makes a complete folder if you export the entire site. That being said, if you have elements that require php etc, you have to run it from a web server. It won’t function properly just trying to use it with your browser referencing files and folders on your local machine.

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Hi Sal,

I always export to a local folder. RW definitely does not make incomplete folders.
Perhaps something went wrong while exporting/publishing. To make sure that all files and code will be published/exported chose Re-publish all files and chose the folder (or chose the folder in the menu publishing in RW). - see screenshots attached.
After doing this all the files should work - php files don’t work, they have to be on a “real” server to work - so every page with a php extension won’t show correctly in a local browser window. Any index.html will show as it looked in preview in Rapidweaver.


… and make sure to have set the ADVANCED to Site Resources: Copy into document. Otherwise files (pictures, logos, etc) will miss while exporting and cannot be seen when the person you sent the HTML files to opens them.

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This should not be necessary. That setting copies the images into the RW project file, instead of just linking to the images in their current location on your mac. It does not affect the export of all the necessary images to a folder. It should be doing it regardless of that setting.


Don - you are right there. But if he sends the files to somebody - these links get lost…

" I emailed the folder to another person so he can open the pages and review them…"

so the files are lost…

There’s something else going on. Most likely, some of the pages are PHP. We’d need more info to know for sure.

The export folder should contain everything needed to upload to a web server, including images (even without that advanced setting). It’s the same as publishing, but just not doing the FTP to the server step.

Hi Don, so just to clear more I’m not publishing on any server. Means I don’t have any hosting service yet. I was looking to send a temporary link to the person so he can see how the pages looks like. Other websites builders like WIX can give u a link to open it on any browser. I think rapidweaver don’t have this option. I thought by exporting the files and send via email will do the job but seems like it is not. I used to use Adobe Muse and even they let u send the link to clients before even you go live.

What you’re trying to do should work, as long as the files for the pages are HTML and not PHP.

If you open your main page from that export folder, does it look fine on your computer? If not, what’s the extension of the file?

Best bet is to publish as a development site - as mentioned already any php pages won’t render off a desktop file without using additional software and you’re more likely to get broken links to images etc. We have a coupe of dev servers where I could happily publish temporarily for you no problem of that’s of interest - No charge but they are branded as our company name.

Hi, other website builders like WIX are hosters and builders in one package. That is the reason they can provide these links.

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