Another Multiple Index File situation

Went to publish and got the ‘multiple index’ warning.

Opened FTP app (Transmit) and copied off then removed the ‘index.html’ file.
Tried to republish and it STILL gives me the same message.
How do I resolve this?

Also in all subfolders?

the only ‘index.html’ I’m finding is in the ‘public_html’ folder

@zamboknee Each page on your website will have an index file. You are talking about the one at the main level. But for each sub-level of folders there will also be an index file.

It seems like you have changed from HTML to PHP for your index files on multiple pages. This can easily happen. So you’ll need to explore all those subfolders.

It’s also possible you changed from PHP to HTML, but that’s less likely for most folks.

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Thanks Mathew.
Trying to search the entire server for ‘index.html’ but Transmit only allows me to look in the current folder/area.
Is there a way to search for index.html on the entire site using FTP?

That I know of … Transmit only searches in the folder you are currently in.

You’ll have to individually go into each folder and delete the offending HTML version.

A quicker solution, if you have lots of subfolders, is to completely erase/delete your website so you end up with nothing in public_html. But I have no idea how you’ve designed your site. You might want to keep the folder with backups of your project (if you created) and maybe you have some other special setups. These are things I don’t know about in your case. … but in general just delete your entire contents and then within RW choose republish all files.

I had this serveral times in the past, happens. I just delete the project on the server completely and re-publish my project again. No fuss with searching for files.

So delete EVERYTHING on server or just everything WITHIN the ‘public_html’ folder?
Thank you

Only the folder “public_html” and subfolders where your project is delivered from but do a back up first.

I just had the issue a couple of minutes ago: added as stach and was wondering why my changes didn’t get published… the server picked the old index.html instead of the newer index.php :slight_smile:.

Out of interest you can mount your ftp site in the Finder and use the standard Mac OS search box.

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