"Multiple index files found on your server" error message

Hi all, I know you have answered questions about this message before, but I am not finding anything to answer this: the message states “We recommend using an FTP application to remove redundant index files.”

Is there a recommended app to do this?

Thanks as always!

Any FTP app will do. I use Forklift but there’s also Filezilla, which is free. Your host may also provide a file manager which you could use to remove the offending index files.

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Your hosting provider may have an browser based File Manager which will let you do this, too — LittleOak do, and i would have thought most others would. It‘s certainly worth checking to see.

I am a long time Transit user!

You must be! They changed the name to Transmit at least 10 years ago. I’ve been using it since before then and I’m still on version 4, although 5 has been out for a long time.

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Yes I am that old!!!
But that was auto correct issue!

I use Transmit on a Mac and it’s great. But if you are only using it to delete multiple index files, your hosting company should have a file manager available from your control panel.

If for some reason they don’t then FileZilla (free) works just as well. I use FileZilla all the time on Unix systems.

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