Another Publishing Problem? (0 out of 0 files published)

I have just copied my established website ( from RW7 to RW8 and received (0 out of 0 files published) response after the usual pre-publishing messages. Went back to RW7 version and tried to publish from there. Same response (0 out of 0 files published). RW stops. “Cancel publishing” freezes and I am obliged to Force Quit. I have only made small editorial changes to the content. No changes to basic settings.

How should I proceed?

Without more information it’s impossible to say what might be causing your problems.

  • A screenshot of publishing settings
  • Hosting company name
  • what happens when you press the test button?

You can also try following the steps in this Knowledge base article:

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More info needed for sure.
Does the site publish to your local folder successfully, for starters?
Basic settings should be carefully checked as it can’t be assumed they weren’t changed through other means.

Hi Doug. Thanks for the near instant response. I checked the test button and it asked for a password. I don’t remember using one here, but tried the one I use for access to my hosting team (Heart Internet) and the test came back OK. So I tried publishing and it worked (20 out of 20 published).

I have no idea how this could have changed on RW8 and RW7 unless RW or HI changed their requirements. But at least it works now!


Hi Chuck. Thanks for your speedy response.See my reply to Doug for the solution. By the way it did publish OK locally to Safari et al. I think the missing password in basic settings was the root of the problem.

Sometimes the update (RW* from RW7) seems to screw up the password stored in the keychain. Noticed a lot of folks have to reenter there login credentials(password and Username) and everything clears up.

Glad you got it working again.

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