Another RW7 issue... Preview jumps to, and previews wrong page

This started today. In the week I’ve used RW7 I’ve duplicated a few stacks pages with no problems. I’ve had 3 crashes today and after the 3rd one this started happening…

When I duplicate a stacks page (cmd D) and then preview it, the “highlight” over the page name in left pane jumps to the original page (the original one I duplicated) and the original page is shown in preview.

It’s not just one page. When I now duplicate any page and preview the original page is previewed.

Publishing and Export of the new dup pages work fine. It’s only the preview that jump to the other page.

Again, this started happening after a crash. Is there a cache I can clear or something?


Here is a one minute video. Preview one page… it “jumps” and previews the original duplicated page.

Thanks for the video of the issue, that’s very helpful.

We have this in our bug tracker now and are looking into it, we’ll be in touch if we need anymore info.

You can expect this to be fixed in RW 7.1 :slight_smile:

P.S. Please email all future bug reports to — Don’t post them here as they on the forum as they easily missed.