HUMUNGOUS Duplication Bug in RW7

There is a massive bug in RW7 relating to duplication, whether a page, a stack, or an element of a stack. This is regarding a file originally created in RW6, and converted to RW7.

You can’t duplicate a page and change its parameters. It pretends to accept the new data, and then reverts, in Preview, to the original version of that page. Not only that, but in the highlighted listing on the left, it physically jumps back to the original page.

Ladybug, in the image below, is a copy of His Hollyness, although all the images and headers have been changed. When attempting to preview Ladybug, two things happen:

  1. Preview shows the old page, not the new
  2. The blue bar physically jumps back to the page from which it was duplicated

And it keeps on getting worse. You cannot duplicate stacks, or elements of a stack, even when you create them outside of the main file and port them over. The exact same thing happens. Preview reverts to the original, and not the modified data.

You will see, in the linked file above, that Ladybug II has a modal INFO page with the wrong image, based on what is in the file.

And the final insult: when you have finally succeeded in creating a new page in a totally new file, and you attempt to port it back to the main file, it reverts ONCE AGAIN to the page from which it had been duplicated.

I am not sure if this behavior occurs in a file created from scratch in 7, but all I know is that this situation is beyond acceptable.

I was a Beta tester on 7, I converted copies of all my RW6 files to RW7 and used duplicate page on several sites and had no problems however, I just tried this and you’re were right, but after duplicating the page I renamed the page and gave it a new folder name in the Inspector / General settings before previewing - the problem disappears so I don’t think it’s a bug.

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Thank you, Dave. There appears to be at least some good news in this particular fiasco: copying a page, and then renaming it, appears to solve the problem that I originally described.

The bad news is that duplicating a stack element is still screwing up. On a tabs page, I created a blue ladybug with a blue ladybug modal. I copied the stack, and substituted a pink ladybug with a pink ladybug modal. The main image took the change, the modal didn’t. You can see that in the images that I posted previously.

Looking at your project file, you’ve not given your images a file name or Alt tag - try naming them bluelady and pinklady - double click image and name them in ‘image publishing’

Nope. Didn’t work.

I named them, as per your suggestion, and it did not make any difference whatsoever.

Ok, worth a try. I have found RW7 file naming was important when copy/paste was used with stacks containing images. A quick test here and I can happily copy & paste tab stacks and change images so I’m not sure where your problem is - sorry. Maybe ask JW?

Hey Dave,

Wondering if your success copying stacks involved a new tabs page you created in 7, or was it a tabs page originally created in 6, and then converted (as mine was).

In any case, thanks again for your support.

I had the same issue and was tearing my hair out until I realised that the pages were also identically named in the folders. Go to the Inspector>General Settings and change the folder name and browser title of your duplicate page. I’m sure it will be fixed soon.

True, it was a new tabs page, however I’ve copied 8 RW projects from RW6 to RW7, many are multi page and I can copy / paste any of the Stacks in any of them so maybe it’s a Tab c&p problem that JW can help with?

Straight from the horse’s mouth:

Thanks. This is definitely a bug in RapidWeaver. I am sure that Realmac will get it fixed soon. They have been working really hard on making RW7 solid. Thanks for informing me of the issue.


Been converting lots of pages, in stages, from RW6 to RW7. At first I thought it was me. Recreating new pages, and copying/duplicating text - sometimes it was OK, and today AGAIN the problems as described by Butternut re-appears. I’ve wasted lots of time on this so I just gave up on RW7. Until this is resolved.