Another S3 Sneak Peek

I can’t seem to post images here to this forum yet, so I put in on Twitter.

And here’s a direct link: Custom library groups!


Is there an approximate release date?

soon. a few weeks, i think. but i want to make sure the beta testing weeds out some of the ugly bugs before i set a firm date.

It’s presumably going to be a paid upgrade, with the upgrade price below that charged for new customers?


Would it be able to run on RW5.x or just RW6?

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Hi Rob,
it is RW6 only.

@robbeattie - yes. there will be an upgrade discount. same as i always do 50% off the retail price. and free for anyone in the 3 month grace period, who bought stacks recently.

@dezac - All our plugins will require RW6 going forward. onward and upward!!!

@isaiah So if I buy now stacks 2 I will get Stacks 3 for free?

@themacintoshfellow - yes. we always do the same deal for big upgrades:

  • new users (within 3 months) get a free upgrade
  • registered users get a cheap upgrade (usually about 50% off)

we’re still looking for more brave beta testers: folks who love the bleeding edge and don’t mind a few crashes. if anyone is interested send me a DM on twitter and i’ll get you connected.


@isaiah Now that you mention it… Would you please dix ugly look of quotation? Please… :slight_smile: :smiley:

@themacintoshfellow - i’m afraid i don’t understand. i think perhaps you made a typo. did you mean “fix”? if so… well… i’m kind of fond of the quotation stack. i know the built in stacks aren’t quite as feature packed as the awesome 3rd party stacks – but, well, that’s kind of the point. :wink: i like to fill in the basics and let the 3rd party guys build the really amazing stuff. i focus on giving them an ever more powerful API on which to build even better things.

stacks 3.0 is no exception. we have a new developer API (Stacks API v7: ) with tons of new powerful tools for developers to use.


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