Any Paypal experts able to help *resolved*

I’m setting up a new simple payment using @yabdab Paysnap 4 - which is excellent by the way.

However, when I go to ‘Pay with Paypal’, there is no option to pay by card - only to login to Paypal or open a new Paypal account. It is worth noting that the Merchant is not named. See screengrab.

I can’t see anything in the client’s Paypal account to cause this: I am advised it is a business account with verified email and cards. It is also not me because other Paysnap set ups I have on live websites are fine.

I’m wondering if it is because the website is on a test server and not the true domain? I don’t recall this being an issue in the past but maybe heightened security?

Any advice welcome. Test site is


They can use their card when they go to paypal. If you want to accept credit cards not utilizin paypal that is a different matter. Paypal will let the customer choose how to pay for the item. I believe they accept most CC.

Yes I’m aware Paypal allows ‘Guest’ card payments as standard, but my question is why it isn’t working on this development site? The link goes to Paypal but the card option isn’t there and also doesn’t show the merchant name.

What I get.

Notice there is also an option to add a card.

The person will need to log into there paypal account.

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When I check out then log into my paypal I also get the option to choose card payment…

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I think this highlights the problem - Paypal check out should allow Guest payments using a card - with no need to log in to your own Paypal account. It’s not happening here so maybe the client account is simply not a business account.

There are settings for guest checkout… but not every email address is accepted for guest checkout. There is a great deal of fraud… I don’t want guest checkout available for my sales. Years ago I had a guy use it and then claim it wasn’t him that ordered. It was a hassle…

Most people have a paypal account these days. It is free if they don’t have one they can easily set up an account.

Make sure you understand the risks if you decide to enable it. Paypal takes the money back real quick when fraud is claimed. It isn’t always easy to get it back… It can take 90 days or more. Paypal also gives you no answers about what is going on…

Make sure you keep good records…

This isn’t about paying with Paypal - it’s about paying with a credit / debit card. All very well being able to sign in to Paypal and then paying with your Paypal account or a card - but this means you won’t be able to sell your products to people with no Paypal account. You can’t expect them to set up a Paypal account just to buy your product.

You bought the wrong product… it for Paypal and Stripe payments… not direct cc payments. Go to paypal site and research guest checkout option.

You are welcome for the time I spent trying to help you. Reread my above post for guest checkouts…

No, I did not buy the wrong product - Paypal includes a guest card payment by default. I have PaySnap running on 6 sites and they ALL offer guest card payments (see para 3 of original post)

If you look at the original post you’ll also see 2 screengrabs - BOTH of these use PaySnap. One goes to a merchant paypal account and the other asks the user to log in to their own PayPal account.

You can also test either of the PaySnap demos - click on Pay with Paypal in the Cart and you go to a Paypal window with option to use your paypal account OR pay with card. The PaySnap car may seem confusing because it offers ‘Pay with Paypal’ or ‘Pay by Card’. However, the Paypal option offers Paypal account or Card, whereas Stripe is ONLY card.

I am simply asking if the problem I am having with this new site could be due to it being a test site being on non-valid domain (i.e. rather than because - according to the client, they have a business Paypal account with ‘Paypal Account Optional’ switched ON. Hence I can’t think of any other reason.

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OK - pleased to say this is now sorted and for the record there were two issues. Firstly (surprise surprise) a typo in the client Paypal email address.

Secondly, I switched ‘Sandbox’ on thinking that this would only affect things after getting past the merchant Paypal window. However, it appears that it requires a complete sandbox ‘dummy’ account. Not looked into this in any detail as sandboxing not really required in this instance - but something to be aware of.

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