Pay by Card in Paypal Checkout problem

Just a heads up observation for people using e-commerce with Paypal Checkout.

Several clients have reported customers complaining recently because Paypal Checkout is not showing a Pay with Card option. This has always been a potential issue if Paypal suspects a fraudulent card for example but the increase lately seems to be linked to Cookie Consent. If the customer arrives at Paypal Checkout for the first time in a while and needs to give Cookie consent, the card option doesn’t show. Once they give Cookie consent, it appears. The problem of course is that some customers give up before even looking at the cookie consent notice.

I have no idea if something has started triggering this issue recently where it didn’t happen before, but clients are certainly experiencing loss of sales. I am personally encouraging customers to use Stripe but am also adding a note to their websites telling customers to agree to cookies when asked.

I should add this is not an easy issue to replicate. I usually see the pay by card option before I have accepted cookies. However, when I don’t get the pay by card option, accepting cookies seems to fix it.


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