RapidCart Pro 4

I’ve started my e-commerce website and everything looks great. The problem I’m experiencing pertains to purchasing my T-shirts using their credit card. I set up a Stripe account and paypal. The paypal doesn’t work at all right now, but the stripe account does. The problem is customers put in their information then they hit buy. The payment goes through perfectly, the get sent confirmation emails, but on the website it says something went wrong and the transaction didn’t go through. Can someone help me. The website address is this http://dtdubs.com

Hi @amichel23,

its always good to use the PayPal Sandbox first to test wether its working or not.
Does the ‘something went wrong’ - problem occur with stripe and cash too? (Just to clarify it.)

As I’m currently setting up a similar shop, I can say that as long as you’re setting up everything like said in the docs (link) everything should work properly.


Thanks for your help. I’m not using Pay Pal I’m just using Stripe. This problem does not occur using cash. I tried using PayPal, but it just wasn’t working properly at all. I know I’m doing something wrong I just don’t what yet.

Now I’m receiving this message. I talked to the hosting site and they don’t support PHP code. What’s the next step from here. He said I need a SMTP plugin or extension.

Email to buyer:
Could not instantiate mail function.

Email to seller:
Could not instantiate mail function.

You need a new host if they don’t support php.

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