Shopping cart question

Have a customer who wants the ability to pay by credit card.

They DO NOT want pay pal
They DO NOT want stripe (don’t want another card processor)

They have a merchant credit card account with very good online security. The card company says I have to download a “shopping cart” first

Do you have a recommendation

You can pay using a credit card on PayPal (don’t need a PayPal account). Millions of people do it every day.

They do not want PayPal connection

Part of the issue is it’s a medical clinic and PayPal is not friendly to medical payments.

I would think then that they should provide the merchant shopping cart for you to integrate into the website. Seems like that’s on their end, or am I misunderstanding who’s trying to do what?

I am confused also. I have never had someone say “provide shopping cart” . That came from the merchant card provider. The customer doesn’t want the PayPal.

It would be easy if the customer would permit PayPal

Well it sounds to me that they want to use their merchant account which means that the cart has to work with that bank - most banks have very strict guidelines to follow so I wouldn’t waste my time trying to figure out what all those might be and hunting around for a cart. I’d put it back to the client to provide the cart since they’re the ones demanding it work with their merchant account.

My thoughts exactly. I am just caught in the middle and trolling for an alternative

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