Anyone have any idea how to get falling autumn leaves effect this to work across your entire display using RW8?

It’s a beautiful effect. I’m just 90% designer and 10% coder so I’m not sure how I’d get this to work on my home page.


And RIP EVH :frowning:

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I updated the Javascript code to make it work in my Blank theme:

It looks like this when the page is previewed:

The code doesn’t quite work “straight out of the box”. I found it was easier to add a new <div> container to the page, stretch it to fill the entire viewport. Then assigning the new container a z-index that does not conflict with the main content container (because you still want people to be able to select text or click links).

So it can be made to work, but your exact mileage may vary, depending on the theme you are using.


Thank you so much Will. Unfortunately I need it to work on a Stacks page in a complex Nick Cates theme. I tried using your document and it worked perfectly, then created a Stacks page with one single HTML stack, pasted in your code, and nothing happens.

There is a tasteful snow stack that works perfectly with but the flakes don’t twist and turn like the falling leaves which is such a nice effect.

Thanks again.

Unfortunately your only option will be to either hire me or someone else proficient in JavaScript to get this specific plugin setup for you. It was recently announced that Nick Cates is no longer trading, but I don’t think this is something he would have officially provided support for anyway.

Thanks again. I can use your code to get the leaves to fall under the banner but then nothing under the leaves is clickable.

Could you give me a cost estimate on what it would take to get it to work across the entire page and keep all links clickable?

Regretfully I can’t provide those types of specifics here on a public forum. It might be better to email me. Perhaps include the project file, the theme and all the stacks needed to recreate the page as a Dropbox download. Then I can open the page in RapidWeaver and take a closer look at how it’s made.

I’m suspecting that if the leaf effect is to work, more CSS code is needed to adjust the layering of existing page elements.

You definitely do want it setup so that the leaf effect comes in front of backgrounds / banners, but keep the leaf effect behind the text (so it remains selectable).

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