Anyone Hiring (part-time — support etc)?

Hello Everyone,

I hope all is well.

Is anyone hiring for part-time (webmaster supportive, web-design, support) positions?

I’ve been teaching English as a foreign language overseas for over 9 years. People usually think that you need to speak the a foreign language (Arabic, for example, if teaching Arabic learners) in order to teach English to that group of learners. But this isn’t the case. I’ve experienced nearly everything that this field can offer (from teaching toddlers to adults; online teaching; university lecturer; academic manager; blended learning specialist).

At any rate: I’ve enjoyed this career, but I’ve decided that I’ve reached the end. My experience as Blended Learning Specialist really made me realize that I primarily enjoy direct interaction with technology and Web-mastering and teaching as a secondary passion. If I could somehow make Web-mastering and technology my primary means of income, then I would be satisfied.

Is anyone hiring part-time or intern positions? Could you recommend me to someone? I’d like even a part-time position at this time (since I don’t have any official certificates, only a strong passion for this field, I suppose I could get hired as part-time in the beginning, get training and learn on the job, then, perhaps, have further opportunities).

Your kind consideration in this matter is greatly appreciated!



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