🎉 RapidWeaver CMS Course — Learn how to edit RapidWeaver sites online

(ben) #1

Hello Weavers!

We’ve just released our latest RapidWeaver training course, this time it’s all about how to edit your sites online.

The RapidWeaver CMS Course will teach you how to add online editing to RapidWeaver using Pulse CMS so you and your clients can update sites from anywhere in the world via a web browser. This course will show you how to allow users to login and update text, images, photo galleries, and more.

Buy Now – $39.99

RapidWeaver CMS Course Preview

To find out more about the course you can visit the RapidWeaver CMS Course page.

As always, this course will also be available (within the next day or so) to subscribers of the RapidWeaver Community.

Really hope you enjoy the course.

Happy Weaving :grinning:

(ben) #2

(Jannis from inStacks Software) #3

Great work done @ben :zap:

(Michael Frankland) #4

Wahooo~~~~!!! :heart_eyes:

Great job @ben! :zap:

(Mary Delton) #5

I read the PR on the course and thought it sounded great but after I bought it and started watching the videos I was in for a shock. It requires a $20/month subscription to Pulse CMS and you have to have Foundry installed ($84) which makes the whole thing much more expensive than Joe’s total CMS…

Am I missing something here?


(Fred Dalzell) #6

I’m a Gold Subscriber - isn’t this included? I couldn’t find any way to get it if so. Also, I have Pulse CMS 4.7, can I use it with Foundation instead of 5 and Foundry?


(Michael Frankland) #7

Yes Fred! @smokyhills

The Tutorial @ben uses is based on Foundry but any RapidWeaver theme (including UI Kit or Foundation) is all good. And I think the tutorial might be included in the Gold subscriber but please check that with Realmac.

@bpequine As mentioned - Foundry is not required… only if you want to open the demo project in the tutorial. But you’ll still get value out of the videos and content and can use your favourite RapidWeaver themes. You can see on Pulse site how much Pulse is here
But it doesn’t make it much more expensive that Total CMS… it’s different. Total is $99 per domain; Pulse is $20/month for unlimited. So it depends on your project and both can be affordable depending on how many projects or the type of project you are working on.

(ben) #8

It does required Pulse (which is mentioned on the webpage). The course includes a free 30 day trial of Pulse, so you can get started for free, after the first 30 days Pulse costs $20/month — as @yuzool pointed out above, this includes installing it on as many sites as you like.

Foundry is not required, everything you learn in this course can be applied to any RapidWeaver project.

If you’ve watched all the videos, then I explain that the project file I built for this course, and use in all videos, is included as a bonus. If you want to open that project, then you need to have Foundry. Otherwise you can apply everything you learn to your own projects.

As with everything you buy from us, if you’re not completely happy let me know and I’ll give you a full refund.


(ben) #9

Hi Fred,

This course will be on the RapidWeaver Community within the next few days. It would already be there, but unfortunately my son has been rather ill the past few days. I’ll get it upload there ASAP, sorry for the delay!

(Mary Delton) #10

Ben, Thanks for your reply.

I read that you had to have Foundry (not Foundation) installed and I do not already have that which is why it’s another $84. I went back and looked at the “read me” file again and see that you say you need Foundry in order to open the rw project file for this tutorial. Nevertheless, I don’t have Foundry and therefore can’t watch the tutorials. That to me, at least right now, is a deal breaker.

I only have one site that the owners are asking me for CMS editing. On the basis of cost, JW’s Total CMS, is only $100/site period (unless I’ve misread something). It’s nice that Pulse CMS can be used for all my sites but at $20/month it just doesn’t make sense to use it on only one site.

If the rw project file didn’t require Foundry, then I would give it a try but I think I’ll have to pass until I have a lot more requests for CMS editing.


(Robert Ziebol 🖖🏼) #13

Nope, you are correct.

(ben) #14

As I mentioned, you only need Foundry if you want to use the bonus project file I use in the videos.

To be clear to anyone else reading this thread: Foundry is not required to use Pulse or to follow along with this course. Everything you learn in this course can be used on any RapidWeaver site.

(Mary Delton) #15

Thanks for your reply Michael. I now understand better how the Pulse and Total CMS differ. My problem is I only have one site that the client wants to edit and I don’t already use Foundry. I don’t get paid for my work as I do all volunteer work for non-profits so can’t pass on more expense to them.

My biggest incentive to use Total CMS is that when I signed up for Joe’s webinar, I got a license for Total and I think it would be sensible to use it. I was going to look at the new RW pulse CMS and see if it would be more intuitive to me but now I am at the mercy of the cost to use CMS on only one site.

Thanks again for your input.

(Stuart) #16

Hi @bpequine

If you only have one site that needs a CMS and cost is an issue - as it sounds like it is, then there are other possible options which you may wish to consider, such as:-

– Armadillo
– EasyCMS
– Dropkick CMS

They would maybe be cheaper options for you.

(Joe Workman) #17

If you already own a license to Total CMS, then its a no brainer. Use Total CMS. I have a ton of video tutorials on Total CMS already on my YouTube channel. There are currently 30 videos, many hours of content.

Total CMS Videos: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLAwL8Kl4ijMrZwxvTSkBNZ0JtzswSFIhL
Implementing Total CMS Series: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLAwL8Kl4ijMrL5RCNCwHOuWUwYZFKOO_J

(Mary Delton) #18

You’re absolutely right Joe and I’m going to start a watch the videos marathon today. Sometimes hard to see the forest for the trees…


(Jason Bostick) #19

Total CMS takes a slight bit of a learning curve, but once it clicks, it’s great.
There’s lots of info at Weavers Space, and I might even consider one of the pre-built projects (Hipster Weaver, Webdeersign and Jochen Abitz all have really good looking TCMS projects available) as a way to get up to speed quickly.

(Stuart) #20


Ah… I was typing when you replied with the information that you already own a copy of TotalCMS… right… I guess this conversation is moot.

(Fred Dalzell) #21

Michael @yuzool - thanks for the response. Would the tutorial apply to Pulse CMS 4.7? I can’t afford and have no need for a subscription.

Thanks again,


(Fred Dalzell) #22

Ben @ben - great! Sorry to hear about your son. Hope all is well soon and love the banter (sometimes) on the podcasts.