Anyone use the calendar software from Timely on a RW Site?

I have a client who wants to add a calendar that they can maintain externally. My site was built using RapidWeaver, but they have another website that uses Timely here (it was built with WordPress):

This is the link for Timely: Powerful Event Calendar Software for Your Website | Timely

Has anyone used this on a RW site before? Or are there any other options?
(I saw Weavium’s Kalender, but I think they have been AWOL for a year or so).

Perhaps this helps:

You can create a snippet which you place on your website.

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I know the client is already using Timely on another site, so I will give it a whirl. I did get a response from LOXI, which is another WP/Square calendar program, and they said it should work (might have to tweak AJAX settings). Thanks!

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