Is there a Calendar on RW?

I’m looking to add a calendar to my website, and am asking for advice, please. Is there such a thing that also includes payment options, or are they two separate functions? Thanks in advance.

I have been looking at calenders recenty too.
You can use google calendar and embed t into your site. Its basic but does the trick.
There is also this stack that looks great.
Re a calendar with payment options it really depends what you are trying to do. I have a doctor client that uses this for paid time scheduled

Thank you for the suggestions. I didn’t explain myself properly. I’m looking for a calendar that my clients can use to schedule appointments.

I am familiar with Square and use this system at the moment.

Thanks again.

Try php jabbers bookings scripts, there are loads of booking and payment scripts that are a one off purchase and easy to integrate into Rapidweaver by dropping the code generated into a HTML stack.

Sounds like you are looking for something like booking stack.


Thank you, @keithnteri. This is exactly what I’m after.

Thank you, I will have a look at this as well.

Beware of Booking stack, I have it and there is no way to block of unwanted days. I wanted to use it for school meetings but the stack only allows for the limiting of times not days and teachers don’t work much on weekends apparently…

Jonathan, do you have examples of websites using phpjabbers ?

I took a look on their website and, if the integrating part is really easy, it seems very efficient.

@jspencer2 I’m looking into this, thank you.

@keithnteri How do I know what Theme I’m using? I started in 2015 and unknowingly, changed over to another Theme during a Tutorial! I liked the Theme so much I saved it, still don’t know what it’s called, tho’. Could be Engineer. If that is so, this calendar/booking stack is not compatible, right?

@jspencer2 I followed their tutorial, it seems to me that there are only two templates? One for hotels and one for hairdressers. Am I missing something here?

Do you have a URL?

@teefers Yes,

Looks like the theme you are using is Lander.

@teefers thank you. Where do I find this for myself?

There isn’t an easy way in RW. I looked at the code and found the style sheet.

You can open the theme Drawer and select all themes, and scroll until you find the blue outline.

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Or, select a page in your project and look in the Page Styles tab of the right-hand inspector.



@DLH That’s amazing…thank you!

@teefers Most appreciated, I am learning so much through this forum. is what you’re looking for. Totally free unless you need a couple of particular features. Better than any bespoke RW solution. You can have appointments, classes, set working hours, block hours out, set holidays, take payments, track income, embed in any website, there’s a mobile app, etc. etc.

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