RW8 now on the app store

I’ve just seen this. It’s the first app in the store at my end.

Does anyone still use the app store? I’ve read everywhere that sales via it have been in terminal decline for ages now. Many of the apps I’ve bought from it gave either died or moved away from thr store and back to direct sales from own websites.

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Personally, I buy very little from the app store. I always go the direct route and not use the app store if possible.

I also think the app store tries to promote its own agenda with the apps it promotes.

It’s simply about giving users the choice and making sure RapidWeaver is available to as many people as possible.

You can now get RapidWeaver 8 via the App Store, Direct, and Setapp.




I agree. Although I personally prefer to get RW direct from Realmac, the extra exposure and options can only help RW grow, and that’s great for all.


here here, well said :+1::tada:


I hope you’re right. But I am also fearful that restrictions imposed by AppStore (sandboxing) may ultimately bring RapidWeaver to its knees. At least, so far, it looks that way…

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It did, but clearly the RW team to got over that learning curve and it’s all working again now.

I’m not knocking RM for putting RW on the Appstore, I was just questioning the relevance of the Appstore nowadays.

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Relevance of AppStore is important, but IMHO, software working without constant problems is more important.


Do you think RW will ever be multi platform…iOS ??

Especially since Apple is going that way in the future with its plans to have apps being able to run on both platforms.

Would love it if possible…hint, hint @dan

Beware the potential bad reviews on the app store.
RW has plenty of faults but we love it, put up with the problems, and try to help alleviate them by posting and discussing them here (and moaning, I’ll admit to being guilty on that one, it’s my age). Either-way it’s a community process.

Appstore reviewers are liable to be less forgiving.
They’ll get frustrated and vent their ‘fury’ with bad reviews.

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  • isn’t showing up for me in searches, only 7. But if I bring up 7, 8 is there is the sidebar. The appstore is such junk.

7 seems to have one review, a one star, from 2016!

  • is cheaper on the Appstore though, £65 opposed to £89 from RM, which is weird.

totally what i thought! i always thought that might have been the real reason realmac did not put rw into the appstore…

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