Paperless downloads don't appear on site

I am using Paperless stack to provide downloads on my site. However, while it all works on Rapidweaver preview (I see the table of files to chose from and I am able to download them), when the site is up (hosted on A2) all the files in the download section have disappeared.
Can someone help.

Hello. A link to the site will help give more insight.

Hi Dan

here you go

the download is e.g. in Chapter 13

You said that it works in preview,

  • The download folder is it in resources inside RW8?
  • Did you try and republish all files?
  • Can you check to make sure the download directory is on the live site, and the files are in the directory? Use the hosting company file manager or a standalone ftp program.

Hi Dan

here you go

Hi Doug,
yes, they are all there (see attached)

It looks as though everything got uploaded to the server, I’m assuming you didn’t change anything in the paperless settings since you were able to preview.

I’d probably check what version of PHP your running on your host, I’d also check with the hosting company and find out where the PHP log files are located.

There’s a directory called logs in the screenshot, but can’t say for sure if that’s where the PHP logs would be.

PHP by default doesn’t display any errors to the end user for security reasons. So it’s a bit more difficult to debug than JavaScript, HTML or CSS.

Perhaps @willwood could jump in if he has some ideas on what might be happening.

@teefers I’ve tried to help via email already, but OP was not forthcoming in providing a link to a test page that actually included Paperless and said they were new to RapidWeaver and not understanding some of how it worked. So I suggested they came here for queries regarding stack installation and publishing etc. and to access the video tutorials.

Based on the new information provided by @Karola, two things to watch for carefully:

  1. If the PowerPoint files have been set to open in Google Docs (using the Google Docs File Viewer) please take note that Google now imposes strict limits on the file size of files you want to view. I seem to recall it was quite low - something like 20 MB.

  2. Do web browsers understand what a .pptx file actually is? I wouldn’t have considered these files to be “web safe”. You may have better success with compressing these files as .zip first, before uploading them.

  3. In addition to #2, you might need to speak with the hosting company to make sure the MIME types are configured correctly. You would probably want .pptx files set to download, rather than the browser trying to open them. But again, compressing the files as .zip first could work better.

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For clarification, my partner actually sent an email to the website and identified a chapter with paperless. Regarding the PPTX files, they are simple PowerPoint files, but we also had a PDF to download, all of which did not show up on the webpage but did on the Preview in Safari. As indicated, the response was to come here. It seems, though, that the app is not really for people new to web building if it means there are too many obstacles to overcome.

Thanks for trying. We shall now remove Paperless and try another avenue.

Worth noting that if your willing to hang in there many on these forums are willing to help. However I can also understand the need to move to a solution that you can implement more quickly. I’m not familiar enough with this stack to help, however I’ve been reading in an effort to increase my own knowledge base. Some of the potential host side issues mentioned by @willwood will potentially be issues with other methods you pursue. In other words just be aware that it could potentially be a host issue and not an issue with the stack or rapidweaver. In short as one builds things for the web the provider, the servers of said host, the settings at the host, and technologies (php etc) can potentially be the cause of issues. Further definitely take into account how the browser will try to handle a powerpoint file, again as will points out forcing those file types to download would be advisable imho. Anyway, best of luck I’m sure you’ll get it sorted one way or another. :+1:

I’d say that Paperless is quite novice-friendly.

It’ll work with a folder of resources you add to RapidWeaver. If you click the ‘set link’ button, then you can select the folder of resources from the popup menu. No complicated configuration is needed. Paperless will create the links for you.

If you prefer to use files uploaded separately from RapidWeaver, then you can still do so. But you’ll just need to manaully enter a relative path to that folder.

The fact that neither PowerPoint or PDF files appear to display or download makes me think the issue is external to the Paperless stack. So swapping Paperless for something else might not be the solution.

Be careful not to throw lots of money at stacks that don’t work! The problem may not be due to these stacks, but because your web server is incorrectly setup or you’ve misconfigured something in RapidWeaver.

Again the link of keeps getting given to me. But every time I go to that page, I never see Paperless on there:

As explained here, it makes it an almost impossible task for me to attempt to troubleshoot something, if I cannot see or replicate it. I want to help, but I don’t have enough information to expedite this support request.

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@willwood I think she meant this page:

You have to scroll to the bottom. The naming of the pages is unintuitive: the link is for Chapter 13.

thanks everyone. Really appreciate your help (sorry for slowness in responding, I was working).

Thanks @Mathew for digging-out the hidden link. :+1:

This is very frustrating. I don’t understand what was so difficult with a direct link to the page being provided in the first communication. We have all been looking at a totally different webpage. This would have perhaps saved hours of emails backwards and forwards and cross-postings! :frowning:

Definitely the website navigation is not at all intuitive. If seasoned experts cannot figure it out, the general public stand no chance of getting beyond the homepage. Hopefully @Karola will setup a better navigation menu or switch to using a normal theme with a standard navigation menu along the top or down the side.

Proper webpage links would also be desirable (e.g. instead of

The Paperless stack on this page is empty. That means no files were found. Either the link to the files is incorrect or they are in a format that the web server doesn’t support. Paperless is not reporting any errors on the frontend, so the stack appears to be functioning correctly.

The backend is a different story. PHP is server side code, and therefore there is nothing I can view from this end. I cannot check what the problem is. @Karola will have to consult with the hosting company and arrange for them to set me up with a temporary FTP account. Then I can login and check the Paperless configuration, versus where the files are located and ensure the web server is functioning correctly.

Should be far quicker and easier to resolve, once I am in on the inside.

thank you, everyone, for all his work. It obviously needs more skill on our side which we do not have at the moment, so best to leave it for now. Much appreciated.

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