Are These Features Only Available Through The Foundation Theme?

(Varied Team Members) #1

Hello Weavers…

The Foundation Theme has three very useful features. I am curious if the three features listed below are available outside of the theme as independent stacks that could be used with other Themes? Please note this question is only in regards to solutions that are fully responsive and standards compliant.

FEATURE 1: Vertical alignment of content, e.g. you can have an image video or such to the left and vertically align a block of text to the right of it.

FEATURE 2: Maintains column height consistency, e.g. a row with three column each with different content will all maintain the height of the tallest column.

FEATURE 3: The ability to serve up dedicated images based on a given media query, e.g. you can have images specifically compressed for mobil, tablet and desktop.

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(Will Woodgate) #2

The free AdaptiveGrid stack with the ‘Equal Height Columns’ option checked in the settings. You can give each column class names, which opens the ability to apply unlimited custom CSS code for just about any type of styling you can think of. Like borders, shadows or backgrounds, for example.

The free RottenApple stack if you want to target specific named devices, like the iPhone, iPad, Android, Blackberry etc. Content can be either hidden or shown, depending on the conditionals being met.

Alternatively the free UsefulStack has a group of responsive settings, which let you hide or show content depending on screen width.

(Varied Team Members) #3

Hello Will… These look like some great alternatives. Also I see you do custom work. I have some specific needs for one of our companies sites. Lets touch base off line in the near future.

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(Peter Danckwerts) #4

Interesting. I see this doesn’t work in Safari’s Responsive Design mode but does work on a real mobile device.

(Will Woodgate) #5

Works perfectly for me and others in Safari desktop. You have to make sure you have the correct user agent selected and refresh the webpage. Otherwise the session will still be showing itself as Safari Desktop. RottenApple is testing user agents, not screen size.

Safari does already tell you that “you need to reload for the user agent to be applied to this page” when you put a page into responsive design mode.

(Peter Danckwerts) #6

Ah, sorry, I didn’t refresh. Very nice.

(Joe Workman) #7

I just want to add while I am sure the Useful stack is very useful, it does not provide the same functionality as the Foundation Image stack. I believe that it’s show/hide abilities are more comparable to the Foundation Visibility stack.

(Varied Team Members) #8

Thank You For Clarifying Joe… The Foundation Theme has lots of really great features, such as the ones I listed. Have just been a little concerned about page bloat, frameworks tend to be a little heavier then a more stripped down hand crafted page, that is why I have been methodically looking at all options.

Having said that, I am most likely going to go with it as there appears to be quite a few advantages including ease of use. If I do end up going with Foundation I will most likely jump on board with TotalCMS and very interested in the upcoming Blog add-on you are going to have for it.

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(Joe Workman) #9

Have a read through this…

(Varied Team Members) #10

Thank You For This Joe… It was a great read, easy to understand and most helpful. Also thank you for your patience as moving to RapidWeaver and a completely new workflow is going to be a big change for me. The right balance of ease of use as well as the ability to deploy things that are professional and properly optimized is quite important for the future health of my companies sites.

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