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I have built my husband’s website using an Archetypon theme called Photographos VI.

This theme works well for what my husband wants it to do: show full size pictures on most pages. Photographos does particularly well at handling photos that are EITHER landscape OR portrait: without cutting off tops or bottoms.

I’d like to build my husband’s website using Foundation–so I have greater flexibility with the non Album (stacks) pages.

Can anyone recommend a photo stack that will do in Foundation what the Archetypon theme does?

It’s imperative that the photos on the album pages NOT be cut off, but be sized correctly whether landscape or portrait.


I hope you got my msg…if not let me know.

how about gallery 3?
greetings, tomas

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Photos by Nick Cates. I use it on my photo website and have had no issues. It’s the best I have found for showing thumbnails and a full zoom able image.

Hello, thanks for the suggestions. I need a stack where the photo is already open, covering the whole page. The thumbnail strip can be really small. Thanks!

Don’t know exactly what you want, but check out @instacks Gallery demo for foundation. Scroll down on the demo page and check out “slick slider” or “royal slider”.

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I can’t get the Royal slider to be taller, that is, to take up the whole page.
Is there a setting I’m missing?

You are able to start it in full screen, if the browser allows that. Beside this, it will take a special amount of pre-defined space.

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