Armadilllo blog content shows as html in editor

Rather than provide the rich text editor, the blog content in the Armadillo editor displays as html with no option to switch to text with the rich text editor. Html is displayed immediately after opening a post from the dashboard. The site’s blog’s url is: Biotech Blog - Biotech HMC. This is a foundry site with all stacks up to date with Armadillo version 2.9.8. A screenshot of the editor for the first blog post is attached. Help from @nimblehost and other SMEs is appreciated.! armadillo screenshot o7232020|690x414

I wonder if you just need to log back in to Armadillo again.
I think your browser has logged you out but is displaying cached content.

@bwdorsey Your edit menu bar is missing above the text editor. Very strange. I use Armadillo as well and would like to know what is the solution in case I ever run into this.

I think this relates to something that cropped up in the R4A forum.

There it was a matter of the editor not looking any different after the latest update but it might be the same underlying issue. Basically need to republish all files and clear caches.

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As has been mentioned already, this should get resolved by either clearing the browser cache, or performing a full republish of all files from RapidWeaver. Let me know if you are still having issues after doing so.


Clearing the browser cache fixed it! Thanks for the suggestions. Have a great weekend.


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