Armadillo - 'Slim Application Error' - What is it?

(Brian Peters) #1

I have been trying to set up an RSS feed on the Armadillo page of my website - I notice that the details for the RSS feed were not being saved and I was getting an error message. I then found that I was getting a ‘Slim Application Error’ when writing and attempting to save a new post on the Armadillo page. I have not come across this before and not sure if it is an Armadillo issue, Rapidweaver or my Sql database. Any ideas please? Many thanks

(Doug Bennett) #2

Slim is an application Framework for PHP. My guess is Armadillo is using that framework, and an error has occurred. Unless there is more information that came with the error, it’s going to be challenging to diagnose. Slim can have error handlers to help with tracing problems.
Probably should contact @nimblehost, to see what kind of information they might need.

(Brian Peters) #3

Ouch! Sounds nasty. Yes, I will contact the developer for help. Many thanks.

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