Armadillo Backup Issue

Hi everyone! I would like to be able to backup my Armadillo CMS database but in the Dashboard is says “Your hosting configuration does not support the backup feature.” I use Chillidog Hosting @barchard . Anyone know how to solve this? Thanks!

This is what NimbleHost support say about this -

In cPanel with my hosting provider I have been able to do this by adjusting options within the PHP selector to remove ‘system’ and ‘exec’ from the list of disabled options. If you can’t find that within cPanel you’ll need to contact your hosting provider to see if they offer this facility.

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@bigsy is correct, the PHP functions exec and system are considered “not safe” and are nowadays often disabled by default. That is the reason you don’t see a backup option in Armadillo, your hosting company has disabled them for security reasons. I’m hoping that @nimblehost is working on a solution, as more hosting companies are disabling those functions. My hosting company will not turn them on. I did request it, but was turned down.

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Ah, thanks for the info!

Yes, these commands pose a security risk. Thankfully there are some solutions:

  1. Use PHPMyAdmin to export the database or
  2. Use Cron (found in the cPanel) to run the same mysqldump command Armadillo uses

Looking at Armadillo’s source, this command is:

mysqldump --host=$dbHostname --user=$dbUsername --password=$dbPassword $dbName > $backupFile

You’d just need to replace the values appropriately (which comes from the Armadillo config):

$dbHostname (typically localhost)
$dbUsername (typically cPanelUsername_Something)
$dbPassword (something autogenerated or you provided)
$dbName (typically cPanelUsername_Something)
$backupFile (typically /home/cPanelUsername/armadillo-backup.sql)

I would not run this more than 1x/day.

Also, any of these methods would work too:

Hope this helps.



Thanks for the info!

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