Armadillo Images not displaying at all on mobile devices

Hi, I am using Armadillo stacks and Foundation theme. I am adding images in line with text in solo content and in blog posts. These display on desktop just fine, but on mobile devices all I see is a pale grey border where the image should be.

f.y.i. The Armadillo stacks are sitting inside a Big White Duck Grummage 1 column stack.

If I access the relevant site using a desktop version of Safari and switch it into Responsive Design Mode, the problem does not occur, when selecting any mobile device; it is only when using the mobile device itself that the image display fails.

I would be grateful for any advice.

Many thanks


A URL to your page would be nice.

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Looks like it was answered on this thread

That would make it a different question. If it’s not “broken” on a desktop with a smaller screen, that CSS wouldn’t fix it.

OK, it’s very much in development at the moment. Here it is Rattlecap Development Site.

Yes, Doug, it’s a completely different question. The CSS fix was needed, but the disappearing images is a separate problem.

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