Blog - Fatal Error?

I’m having issues with my website not displaying correctly.

I’ve added the Armadillo v2 Plugin, but when I publish my site now it displays the following text:

"An update is available. You may encounter errors when editing content or settings if you do not update. If necessary, please contact an admin user for assistance.


Fatal error: Cannot redeclare class Armadillo_Data in /websites/123reg/LinuxPackage21/ke/mp/in/ on line 4"

I’ve tried contacting Nimblehost but no response yet and it could be another 4 days before I get a response going by the auto-reply email I received.

Does anyone have any quicker ideas on how to rectify the issue?

Armadillo v1 worked without issue. All I’ve done is add the v2 stack, delete the entire site from the server so that no Armadillo v1 stack is left over, and then re-upload the entire site again, and now it’s fatal…

No worries, I fixed it myself. I became smart all of a sudden and worked out the issue.

Want to make us smarter too by telling us what your solution was? Thanks :ok_hand:t3:


Upgrading from Armadillo v1 to v2 requires you to not only update the Stack on your blog page in rapid weaver, but when you upload the site to your ftp and visit the page online, there is a “continue” link which you need to click on, and then it upgrades your online Armadillo dashboard and everything magically works again. It was simple really.


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