Armadillo Blog Social Sharing Question

Good Evening Weavers,

In the most excellent Armadillo stack I created a blog within my site. I’d like to add social sharing icons to each post so in the event one person actually reads what I’ve written and they are drunk enough to want to share it, they would be able to do so.

According to the help section on NimbleHost it says this:

I elected to use the ShareThis code. This is what I was given. Note that there are two sections to the code labelled 1 & 2.

As you notice in NimbleHost’s instructions it says to add the code snippet to the social settings in the settings section. Which looks like this.

My question is what do I with the second (2) snippet of code that ShareThis gave me?


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Never mind… It dawned on me to just try to add the second (2) snippet to the section in social links. So basically I copied the code in section 1 and then right after that copied the code in section 2 right after it.

And duh… it worked. So if you were wondering how to do it, wonder no more!

Maybe I might have actually helped someone at sometime with this and can begin to repay all the help you nice folks have given me.



Actually, you did help me out. It works!!! Nice job and thanks for sharing.

Actually I’ll try it later and bookmark Your question… if it works… it will have helped me as well!!